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Playhouse Arts is a nonprofit arts and education organization. Our purpose is to build community through the arts.

Arcata's Local Arts Agency

The purpose of Playhouse Arts is to build community through the arts, working to create a society that is inspired and empowered to work together for the common good in meaningful and effective ways. 

To accomplish this purpose, Playhouse Arts, as the Local Arts Agency for the City of Arcata, works to increase collaboration with the city to support and promote community arts. We advocate for artists and work to be an anti-racist, environmentally conscious organization. Learn more about the City of Arcata's Stragetic Arts Plan on their website.

Playhouse Arts is committed to the principles of racial equity and justice in our inner structure and policies, in the way we create opportunities for diverse artists, and in the programs, projects and events we organize and/or host, facilitating and advocating for visibility and normalization of different cultures, languages and ways of knowing and being.


We believe in the democratization of art for artists and audiences by sharing resources, networks, venues, as well as creating opportunities for free public art and low cost private art: art that has the potential to benefit all people and our planet.


We believe in creating and nourishing an environment in which artists and audiences of any background, age, color, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation feel welcomed, respected, supported, empowered and heard.


We are committed to continued learning, to adapting to what we learn, and to creating brave spaces that allow meaningful dialogue, action, change and progress.

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