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Family Fun Series

Spring 2024

Since 2007, the Playhouse Family Fun Series has celebrated youth theater for children and families at the Arcata Playhouse with public and school performances of theater, storytelling, puppetry, and variety performing arts.  The series has hosted performers from all around the globe to perform for Humboldt County children and their families. The series strives to bring young people in contact with the performing arts in a safe, intimate setting, and host high-quality artists at a low-cost. The Playhouse partners with the California Arts Council, the Humboldt County Office of Education, and local business sponsors to bring this annual Family Fun to the community.

About Family Fun Series

School Showings have two showtimes: 11am and 1pm

Public Showings have two showtimes: 2 pm and 7 pm

Stand-Up Stories:

Multicultural Tales to Live By

May 30 - 31

This show features a collection of multicultural folktales and myths which provide the listener with valuable messages and cultural wisdom they can use to live by. The stories include:

Phaethon (Greek Mythology)
The Stonecutter (Chinese Folktale)
The Lions Whiskers (Amhara Tribe of Ethiopia, Eastern Africa​)

Boxtales Theatre Company (from Santa Barbara, California)


Dreamcatcher is a trilogy of stories brought to life through spoken word and eloquent movement by Leland Faulkner, a world traveler and performing artist who is a member of the Bad River Band of Chippewa.

By using stories, students learn to link the past to the present, and discover how observation of the natural world can bring wisdom and insight into their lives. It is also a way to teach them about their own history, and about the point of view that previous generations had about the world.

Leland Faulkner (from Auburn, Maine)

April 25 - 26

Scroll through the gallery archive for a waltz down memory lane.

Scroll through the gallery to take a waltz down memory lane.

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