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The Arcata Playhouse moved into the Creamery Building’s theater space, once known as Pacific Arts Center Theater, in the fall of 2006, and opened its doors as the Arcata Playhouse in February 2007. In the beginning, the space was shared with Vagabond Children’s Theater. Vagabond and the Playhouse co-existed for the first year, until Vagabond turned over operations to the Playhouse. Within the first year, the Arcata Playhouse formed the non-profit organization, Playhouse Arts, and established itself as a community arts center that would come to provide events and programs for youth, families, and adults, while making its spaces available to a wide array of local organizations.

The History of Playhouse Arts

The polka-dotted pony started out as a small paper mache project, and then grew into a life-sized sculpture, conceived by David Ferney and created by local artists Lush Newton and James Hildebrandt in 2014.

The History of Peggy Pony

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